1. Reporting on corporate governance

The board has decided that the company’s guidelines for corporate governance should be based on the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance.

NextGenTel’s guidelines for corporate governance aim to strengthen the confidence in the company and contribute to optimal added value over time, to the benefit of shareholders, employees and other stakeholders. In order to comply with the Code of Practice, the company will apply the “follow or explain principle”. It is the company’s aim to follow all recommendations in the Code of Practice.

Instances where NextGenTel’s guidelines depart from the Code of Practice will be followed by an explanation. NextGenTel’s corporate values and ethical guidelines are an important foundation for these guidelines on corporate governance. NextGenTel’s corporate values are:


In NextGenTel we strive to build a culture that inspires innovation and continuous improvement through all fields of our business.


In NextGenTel we respect our customers, shareholders, colleagues and partners by being accountable and committed to deliver results and quality. We emphasize being honest, showing empathy and always being service minded.


In NextGenTel we strive for simplicity in our communication, operations, product portfolio and development process.


In NextGenTel we dare to think different, dare to do the impossible, dare to challenge the existing, dare to prioritize.


In NextGenTel we celebrate the success, achievements and challenges!

244,900 customers in total

(Customer figures last updated as per Q4/18)

Norway consumer

Broadband 96,000

VoIP 30,000

TV 17,100

Norway business

Internet/Datanet 14,100

Mobile 13,100

International markets

Netherlands 56,100

Denmark 7,900

Switzerland 3,600

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