6. General meetings

The board of directors and the person chairing the meeting should make appropriate arrangements for the general meeting to vote separately on each candidate nominated for election to the company’s corporate bodies.

The chairman, the nomination committee and the auditor will be present at the general meeting. The board members are encouraged to attend, however, since the board also has foreign members it is not always practical for everyone to attend. Arrangements are in place to ensure an independent chairman for the general meeting.

For shareholders who cannot attend the meeting in person, information is given in the notice to the general meeting on how to be represented through a proxy. The company will nominate a person who will be available to vote on behalf of shareholders as their proxy.

A proxy form allows separate voting instructions to be given for each matter to be considered by the meeting and for each of the candidates nominated for election.

Notice of general meetings is distributed to shareholders at least 21 days in advance. At the same time, documents for the general meeting (such as annual report) are published on the company’s investor relations website. The extent of the documentation should be sufficient for the shareholder to evaluate the proposal. The deadline for signing up for the general meeting is at 16:00 the day before the meeting takes place. Minutes of general meetings are made available through the stock exchange information system and on the company’s IR website.

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