7. Nomination committee

According to the company’s Articles of Association, the company shall have a nomination committee.

The nomination committee shall issue an explained proposal to the general meeting regarding the election of shareholder elected board members. The nomination committee shall consist of from two to three members. The members of the nomination committee and their email addresses are listed on the company's IR website in order to facilitate nomination of candidates. As part of its assessment of the composition of the board of directors, the nomination committee will contact board members and the CEO and also include the board's evaluation report as part of the assessment. The committee will also discuss relevant candidates with major shareholders.   

The members of the committee shall be elected by the company’s annual general meeting for two years at a time. The general meeting also appoints the committee's chairman.

The members of the nomination committee should be selected to take into account the interests of shareholders in general. The majority of the committee should be independent of the board of directors and the executive personnel. Currently, no members of the nomination committee are members of the board of directors or executive personnel.

The general meeting determines the remuneration of the committee’s members and may also resolve instructions for the nomination committee’s work. The nomination committee’s costs are covered by the company. The members of the nomination committee are disclosed on the company’s IR website.

270,600 customers in total

(Customer figures last updated as per Q1/18)

Norway consumer

Broadband 104,600

VoIP 36,300

Mobile 2,900

TV 17,600

Norway business

Internet 15,300

VoIP 7,800

Mobile 15,800

International markets

Netherlands 56,700

Denmark 9,200

Switzerland 4,100

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